2 MARCH 2019 | 15:00 | BOLAND RUGBY STADIUM | R50

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Sunfield Home and CPW Wrestling join forces to bring together a world class anti-bullying outreach project, “The Revival”. This outreach will take place at 15:00 on 2 March 2018 in the heart of the Cape WinelandS at the Boland Rugby Stadium in Wellington and serves as a build up to Human Rights Day and the International Day for Down Syndrome Awareness both taking place later the month on 21 March.

“The Revival” aims to revive young children’s spirits through shedding light on bullying – an ever present problem in schools today and also by giving them alternatives to get rid of their frustrations in a positive and healthy way. In today’s society we find that more and more children find themselves not only being bullied, but also bullying other kids. This is often because of personal, family and societal issues which makes effective communication amongst the younger generation difficult. The results are detrimental where we read more and more articles on social media of adolescents falling victim to substance abuse, gang violence and other crimes and even suicide. So the biggest question is how we address these problems without seeming to preach. Our answer is to create spaces for open engagement and honest communication amongst our youth, or in our case “The Revival: Anti-bullying Outreach Project”.

“The Revival: Anti-bullying Outreach Project” focuses on schools in the Western Cape where professional wrestlers from CPW Wrestling go out to schools to discuss bullying and the effects thereof, but also to shed light on wrestling as a fun and interactive sport that can teach kids about self defence and how to get rid of their frustrations in a fun way. The campaign is however not solely focussed on wrestling and also aims to introduce our youth to other sports such as karate, mixed martial artists, kick boxing, judo and even the creative arts to let go of possible frustrations and express any feelings of discomfort in any of the major areas in their lives.

Sunfield Home, a home for intellectually disabled adults have joined forces with CPW Wrestling as they too are passionate about the topic knowing that their residents often fall victim to bullying considering the fact that they are so different to what is perceived to be normal in our society today. Ultimately these organisations have joined forces to STOP BULLYING and find alternative ways to bring our society back together in a fun and exciting way.

For more information on “The Revival: Anti-bullying Outreach Campaign” visit, add @Sunfield Home on Facebook, follow @Sunfieldhw on twitter and @sunfieldhome on instagram. Tickets are only R50 and bookings can be made by Garine de Wet via 072 447 2576 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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